Did you know that currently:
  • 81% of businesses fire fight on a daily basis
  • 92% of businesses provide insufficient income
  • 64% of businesses do not have a business plan
  • 72% of businesses do not know their Break Even level
  • 42% of businesses say that staff waste the business owners time

Sometimes, you are too busy running your business to take time out to assess exactly how well or how inefficiently your business is actually performing. Any inefficiencies can cost your business in terms of time and ultimately money!

At Desktop Genie we are passionate about getting the job done in the most effective, time efficient manner. This may mean reviewing and redesigning your existing business solutions.

We can help you review your current business IT practice, then design and implement best fit business solutions for your organisation.

We do this by:

  • reviewing current IT practice, to identify areas for improvement
  • providing recommendations to enhance business performance
  • designing & implementing IT solutions and providing support
  • supporting you to design and implement best fit business solutions yourself
Desktop Genie also provides advice & consultancy on:
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design & Setup
  • Cloud Applications


Louise has worked with us on several occassions, designing and providing IT solutions supporting the administration of our organisation and delivering training to our staff and students.

She provides sound, practical advice; we are very happy with her service and after-sales support, and would not hesitate to recommend her

Anne McVicker, Womenstec

Womenstec asked Louise to redesign our database for our ESF project; it’s been a godsend in producing monitoring reports!

 Arlene Johnston, Womenstec